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As such, the theme of the XXth Annual Forum-‘common laws’-invites attention both to the common law legal tradition, and also to the recurrent themes of legal commonality, harmonisation and integration that have been a feature of the Association’s Annual Forums over the past two decades. To understand the Chinese legal system we need to understand lawyers. 8) NIRP and the risk of depositor “bail-ins” is killing the EU banking system! Since then, banks have been exiting these shadow banking markets at an increasing rate. 10) EU banks are a royal mess. Chinese debt system is a royal mess. The chapter describes the president that much needs to be done to improve the workings of the justice system. Much of that wrath was based upon what could be called “miscommunication” in some of West’s reports and memos about the incident. The cost of extraction of a “marginal” barrel of oil is much higher now. US and world rates are now rising as front-running investors can “smell” that the EU and Japan are about to get out of the QE business. Interest rates are rising now in the US; not falling. Put another way, the world, and humanity, is reaching the limits of growth — growth pushed by rapidly rising debt (unsound money).

Car Accident - Yowsers! - Chad Davis - Flickr It’s because growth causes high prices! You get to the point that more growth causes high prices in the important commodities like oil. Cause a speeding violation that causes serious harm to others. It’s absurd and causing more harm than good. The second factor is where commodities, which are finite in supply, that their prices tend to rise as all of the easy-to-extract stuff becomes exhausted as we keep demanding more. One factor is that, in the hollowed-out economies of The West (due to persistent trade deficits with Asia-caused by unsound money), the non-elite workers have stagnant wages and fewer breadwinning jobs as entire industries fled to China and the rest of Asia. In my post Our Finite Limits, I discuss that the massive rise of debt, especially from China after 2009, has led the world to the end of affordable commodities due to the reality of the world’s finite resources. I suggest there that our world’s population might not be sustainable. However, our attorneys don’t charge exorbitant hourly fees like you might see on TV shows or movies. However, before you speak to an attorney, you should avoid giving a statement or answering questions about your role in the accident or your injuries. Th᠎is data h as be᠎en cre ated by G SA Con​tent G en​erat or Demoversi​on.

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How Do I Decide When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer? When you hire The Accident Guys team, we will fight for the settlement you need to recover your medical expenses, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. To protect your right you should hire a qualified attorney to represent your interests. That post dates from October, 2018. I’ll paste-in part of that post below (unedited so you can see what I got right and wrong). 2.2. Can the family sue for damages if a family member was killed in a car wreck? Craig Hopkins is an accident attorney that focuses his practice on helping people who have been personally injured, and the families of people who have been killed because of someone else’s negligence. In addition to physical pain, you might also be dealing with psychological stress due to the accident. We might be facing the end of civilization as we know it. I discuss in my post Modern Civilization is at Risk, how crisis tends to wipe-out that excess money and debt –(unsound money). All this is basically started with Nixon’s abandonment of the gold standard: the adoption of unsound money! 6) The real money supply to the world, the “Eurodollar” and it’s associated derivatives, has been in decay since 2011 (see HERE) and the great financial crisis.

The EU is likely the epicenter of the next financial crisis which may be triggered by a political crisis. It’s possible that civil unrest may lead to social disintegration if not outright revolution at some point in China. Debt levels have risen everywhere and it’s marginal utility to produce growth is nearly gone, even in China. But consumers no longer can afford high commodity prices, therefore there can be no growth! There are lawyers who are specialist in car accidents only. There comes a point where the debt defaults, the economy collapses and economic depression sets-in. But no growth will make the mountains of debt, accumulated so far, unsustainable since that debt was sold and predicated on enough growth to pay back capital with interest. People can be converted if you listen and engage rather than try bully boy gangster techniques, which will only backfire. That’s obvious. Even the educated idiots at central banks can see that! Even small devaluations have roiled markets recently.


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