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Should You Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident? Several personal injury lawyers have recently hired “gophers” tasked with obtaining traffic accident reports from local and state police officers. Whether it is a rear-end collision on a neighborhood street or a highway accident that occurred at high speeds, our diligent car accident lawyers have the experience you need to protect your rights. It is a bad law for people injured in car accident who are not at fault. I also have grown to take exception with those who fill their coffers, pad their nests and boast their own egos with fear tactics that they have long since stopped realizing they are doing. We understand the serious toll an unexpected injury can take on a person and a family. Hiring an Orange County personal injury lawyer from Bentley & More LLP can greatly increase a crash victim’s chances of securing compensation for personal injuries and a loved one’s death. There is no predetermined amount of money to compensate for personal injuries – if your lawyer and the insurance company cannot agree on an appropriate amount to compensate you, the amount is determined by a jury, or, in some cases, an arbitrator.

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