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Guide To California Car Accident Settlements - Dordulian Law Group Wells, a retired Navy Commander, is the director of legal and legislative affairs for the Blue Water Vietnam Veterans Association. In order for the presumption of exposure to be extended to a Blue Water Navy Veteran, development must provide evidence that the Veteran’s ship operated temporarily on the inland waterways of Vietnam or that the Veteran’s ship docked to the shore or a pier. However, evidence that a claimant served as a coxswain aboard a ship at anchorage, along with a statement from the Veteran of going ashore, may be sufficient to extend the presumption of exposure. As the law now stands, only troops who served ashore “in country” or aboard river boats in Vietnam are entitled to compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs for a number of ailments, including cancer, linked to exposure to the toxic herbicide. As a result, we have a higher cancer incidence (among those ship’s crew members theoretically exposed) than those troops who were ashore. Fish greatly increases cancer risks.

Auto Accidents Simoson Chiropractic Dioxin concentrations in Passaic River fish and crabs are among the highest reported in the world and present an imminent and substantial danger to the public and wildlife. In 1983, then-Governor Thomas H. Kean declared a state of emergency and authorized the DEP to take steps to protect human health and the environment following the discovery of extremely elevated levels of dioxin in the river. The chances of these kinds of people following you are slim. The Compensation and Pension (C&P) Service is providing the following information and guidelines in order to promote regional office awareness, consistency, and fairness in the processing of disability claims based on herbicide exposure from Veterans with service in the U.S. Since there is no way to verify which crewmembers of a docked ship may have gone ashore, C&P Service has determined that the Veteran’s lay statement is sufficient. In claims based on docking, the circumstances of service have placed the Veteran in a position where going ashore was a possibility and the Veteran, by virtue of being there, is competent to describe leaving the ship and going ashore.

Claims based on statements that exposure occurred because herbicides were stored or transported on the Veteran’s ship, or that the Veteran was exposed by being near aircraft that flew over Vietnam or equipment used in Vietnam, do not qualify for the presumption of exposure. We’re just over two weeks from the scheduled beginning of the SEC season and the end of an eclectic offseason. According to sources familiar with the original petitions, Nadal had originally listed her address lawfully on her petitions as 370 Freeman Street and then subsequently “whited out” the address and wrote over it the 646 New Britain address, allegedly to make it appear as thought the 646 New Britain Avenue was in compliance with the residency requirement of the loan. The federal Environmental Protection Agency, the lead agency on the river’s cleanup, has estimated the cost of remediation for the most heavily contaminated portion of the river, an eight-mile stretch nearest the Lister Avenue plant, at $1 billion to $4 billion. Occidental had claimed in court papers that it did not assume responsibility for the contamination from the Lister Avenue site when it acquired corporate stock from Diamond Shamrock.  C​ontent h as been g enerat ed by GSA  Conte᠎nt  Gene ra to r DEMO​!

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We’ll investigate, handle negotiations, and, if necessary, litigate your case in court. The personalized service that you’ll receive as a member of our family of clientele after you’ve suffered a tragic injury or loss include not only the powerful resources of our firm, but also the compassionate support of real human beings who care about your progress, your recovery, and justice for your case. If an accident took the life of your loved one, you might have grounds to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in pursuit of recovery for the losses of your loved one and your family. Examine any photos you or anyone else took of the crash scene. Judge Lombardi has heard arguments on a second state motion that seeks to have Tierra similarly held liable for all past and future state costs. Tierra Solutions, another company named in the state’s lawsuit, is currently mobilizing to begin work on removing 40,000 cubic yards of the most contaminated sediments immediately adjacent to the pesticides plant. Judge Lombardi ruled that Occidental, one of eight companies named in a lawsuit filed by the state, is jointly and severally liable to contribute to the cleanup and removal costs under the state’s Spill Compensation and Control Act.


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