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The Black Grouse (1865) Michigan Auto Law works with attorneys who specialize in SSD to help with your application and ensure that you maximize your full recovery and get what you are entitled to from both cases – your car accident lawsuit and from applying for SSD. In a personal injury lawsuit should you go to court. As a blogger, could I be against personal narrative? Does it seem strange that Jesus Christ hand picked primarily FISHERMEN as personal witnesses to His life and teachings, and NOT the religious elite or highly “educated?” Perhaps what is called “education” is often nothing more than traditions and customs of men, touted as “thus saith the Lord.” The most major contradiction in the entire Bible, is the manner in which God Almighty is portrayed as a mass-murderer, barbaric, the author of genocide, and the author of atrocities to numerous to mention in this article. Facing the facts, we have to admit that there is not one human being on earth today, who is a personal witness to anything from Genesis to Revelation.

3D futuristic semi truck model The concept of indoctrination applies to many aspects of human life on earth. Millions of people have been indoctrinated from birth that “the Bible is infallible and inerrant” and “totally inspired by God.” Indoctrination is so powerful and overwhelming in the life of human beings, that people the world over often live and die in the cultural beliefs into which they were born. If these things are happening because of something falling under the Human Rights Code then there is a positive obligation to look for alternatives to the traditional penalty of eviction and termination of a tenancy. There is the assumption that to question the Bible is to question God, and yet even the Bible says to “prove all things” and “try the spirits whether they be of God” and that cannot be done without questioning. The words “all scripture is given by inspiration of God”, DO NOT and CANNOT define exactly what “all scripture” is that God is supposed to have “inspired.” There are two books in the Old Testament that do not so much as even mention God, and yet the Bible apologists crowd (including many “scholars”), would have the world believe that God inspired these fictional accounts.

Virtually any human writer or speaker throughout history and to this very day, can proclaim “thus saith the Lord”, “God commanded”, “God spoke”, “God said”, “God told me”, “God anointed”, “God inspired”, but such words in and of themselves DO NOT and CANNOT prove that indeed God is the author of what the writer or speaker attributes to God. Gore that defies any normal human conscience. Many Bible apologists wonder how anyone can think that the Bible contains some truth and a lot of human fabrication. In reality, Jesus Christ has not appeared to any of us living on earth today, told us what absolute truth is, taught us one-on-one and caused us to see where what we think “truth” is, is actually not truth. In fact we have no idea whether the words attributed to Jesus Christ in the four Gospels are “verbatim” quotes or whether the writers put words in the mouth of Jesus that He never spoke. But even as we focus on deporting criminals, the fact is, millions of immigrants – in every state, of every race and nationality – will still live here illegally. As far as what most people believe, the hard fact is that we all primarily believe what others say and we think it is “truth.” We tend to believe that people who lived ages ago were some how “special” and God the Creator “inspired” what they wrote, or He somehow conveyed to them concepts and principles that all others are suppose to adhere to.

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The organized work may be stopped by government officials (like on the internet, television, etc.) and persecutions began because people of the holy covenant are warning the world of the results of their sins (which they will not want pointed out) and teaching that the King of the North is fulfilling these prophecies in Daniel 11. The faithful may be saying things that are not “politically correct” to the point that one or more governments will take action. That morphed into the online dossier services, where I submitted one letter and the students used the service to send out the letters. The trucking company may be partially liable for your accident as they may have knowingly placed an inexperienced driver on the roadways or knowingly allowed the driver to exceed the mandated hours of service. We can’t logically spend our days trying to drive around them, but if you notice a distracted teen driver, you may want to avoid them or call authorities if they are causing a dangerous situation. Some will say “who are you to question the Bible?” Well friends, God gave each of us a mind and we are not intended to be robots or clones of those who pretend to be God in the world of churches, religions or human governments.

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