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The Shepherdess Of Rolleboise (1896) The law as enacted by the Bombay Legislature may be pointed out. A line function in one organisation may be staff function in another. The function of people in a pure staff capacity is to investigate, research, and give advice to line managers to whom they report”. Effective functioning of the formal organisation depends on the authority-responsibility relationships among people working in groups to achieve the objectives. The idea is that the internal functioning of organizations must be consistent with the demands of the organisation’s task, technology, external environment, and the needs of its members if the organisation is to be effective. We. Must. Save. Stocks! The distinction between line and staff is important because staff must be provided if the growing organisation is to accomplish its goals. We will, in this lesson, understand the line and staff authority relationships. Different types of relationships are possible throughout the organisation structure. Contact our law office for a free case review with an attorney in St. Petersburg as soon as possible to preserve your case. For good measure, and to make it a scholarly publication worthy of the field, we published through an academic press, which included peer review. Our team can review your case in detail to arrive at a figure that we believe the insurance company should pay to compensate you for your present and future medical care, lost income, and other losses.

The Caracci Waterfall Near Aderno at the Foot of Mt. Etna (1808) Though the concepts have been present in management literature for many years, they still remain to be clouded with conflict and confusion. There are two approaches, to understand line and staff concepts. Considering the changes that are taking place in the Indian economic environment in the post – liberalization era, do you believe there will be a trend towards centralization or decentralization over the next few years? Further, within a department, there may be line and staff function, for example, in marketing department, selling may be line function whereas market research is a staff function. In a manufacturing organisation whose basic objective is to produce and sell goods, production and marketing are line functions and others such as finance, personnel, legal, etc. are staff functions. For example, personnel unction in an employment agency is line but it is a staff function in a manufacturing organisation. The managerial function organizing is the process of identifying the important activities to be performed to achieve the objective, grouping of related activities, assigning such groups of activities of people and providing for coordination by establishing authority-responsibility relationships among people. Our public sector is filled with bright people who do quite a good job in running the show.

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Line and staff relationships are established to guide people in the way they work together. Staff refers to those elements of the organisation that help the line to work most effectively in accomplishing the primary objectives of the enterprise. To quote Louis Allen: “Line functions are those which have direct responsibility for accomplishing the objectives of the enterprise. Thus, organisational objectives are the basic determinant of line and staff functions and with the change in the objectives, line and staff functions may change. I wish it wasn’t because anyone who hears this guys plans for Hartford would ask Mayor Segarra why he hasn’t been appointed permanent Chief yet so he can really begin implementing some serious change. Just the fact that the Mayor’s Chief of Staff stood before Torres and others during the recent budget hearings and publicly stated that the Mayor’s Office considered the Council’s resolutions merely advisory and not really binding, speaks volumes. The nature of staff relationship is advisory. “Line authority becomes apparent from the scalar principle as being that relationship in which superior exercises direct supervision over a subordinate – an authority relationship in direct line or steps. Has won many successful car accident verdicts over his career.

If you look at the UK as an example, even the most prominent leaders like Mrs Thatcher or her Labour Predecessors of the 1970s never won a lot more than forty percent of total votes cast. The problem is that all the debt taken out to support the progress and growth to date becomes even more onerous, even disastrous when the economy stagnates or when it shrinks, say in a recession. Under DENR Administrative Order (DAO) No. 34, series of 1999, any person, corporation, association or partnership may lease not more than 144 hectares. It is common that in actual practice, some variations may exist.  Richard M. Hodgets, 1986. Management: Theory, process and practice, Academic press, New York.  Chester A. Barnard, 1938. The functions of the executive, Harward University Press, Cambridge.  Claude S. George, Jr. 1968. The History of Management Thought, Prentice- hall, England Cliffs, J.N.  Harold Koontz and Cyril O’Donnell, 1976, Management: A Systems and Contingency Analysis of Managerial Functions, McGraw-Hill, New York.

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