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logo In fact, when tempers cool, it is clear enough that Human Rights law does not impose such a burden. Tenant law in broad general terms in the hope that the interaction between the two becomes clear. Although most sensible people would say that Amos’s actions were the lesser of two evils, he made the mistake of offending the powerful. As a general statement it is true to say that tenants or a landlord of a rental complex do not need to suffer continued interference with their reasonable enjoyment of the premises, illegal acts, or impaired safety regardless of whether the perpetrator of the act is disabled. I say “normally” because the behaviour complained of is not acceptable behaviour in a rental complex. It is a matter of law and legal obligation much in the same way as is the duty to maintain and repair the rental unit. Whatever the reason, in these times the tenant will do (one or all of the following): mutter to themselves in public spaces raising safety concerns for other tenants; behave oddly in elevators with other tenants present, shout intermittently for no apparent reason in common areas and in the rental unit thereby disturbing other tenants, throwing their own property out of their unit, re-organizing their unit very loudly, making repeated telephone calls to management raising complaints that are unfounded, filling up the voice-mail of the superintendent with rants–often religious in nature; complaining of being wronged in some way–illegally, contrary to the Residential Tenancies Act, harassment, etc., fixating on a tenant and interfering with that person in the building (notes, telephone calls, constantly knocking at the door).

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The Residential Tenancies Act (Ontario) allows a landlord to terminate a tenancy where this kind of conduct takes place. What a person’s disability may require under the Residential Tenancies Act, is an accommodation or an adjustment of how things are done, to assist that person in not committing the behaviour complained of. If these things are happening because of something falling under the Human Rights Code then there is a positive obligation to look for alternatives to the traditional penalty of eviction and termination of a tenancy. But then again this is Hartford. The “duty to accommodate” is something that the HRCode imposes on all landlords. It can be said that the Notice of Termination imposes a harsh consequence for certain types of behaviour—and perhaps appropriately so where the tenant who committs that behaviour does so voluntarily. Therefore, the tenant’s lawyer will ask the Board to deny a termination of the tenancy and eviction notwithstanding that what the landlord alleges happened–did indeed happen, and that under other circumstances a termination of the tenancy would have followed. The tenant’s lawyer will assert the position that if the tenant is accommodated in this way that the chance of a re-occurence is greatly reduced and perhaps even eliminated.

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It is in the prevention of a re-occurence that the tenant or his family member, social worker, lawyer, or friend, may discover that the method of preventing a further re-occurrence of the behaviour requires some action, some support, or the doing or not doing of something by the landlord or other tenants in the building. In light of this information, the tenant’s spouse, family member, asks the landlord and other tenants for understanding, asks for some patience, and advises that all should be well within a month or two. Karen Lewis served as executive director of SAND from at least January 1, 2000, to December 31, 2009. The state alleges that, beginning in November 2006, Lewis used SAND’s ATM/debit card to withdraw charitable funds and to make purchases at the state’s two casinos, at retail stores for personal items and for payment of a personal credit card. 285 last week had three prior drinking and driving convictions on his record – and had two high-speed run-ins with law enforcement earlier Highway 285 Reopens After Crash Near Fairplay Highway 285 reopened on Wednesday afternoon between Ridge Lane and County Road 7 after a crash near Fairplay. This  da ta was creat ed by GSA C​on tent Gener at or​ D em ov​er᠎sion᠎!

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