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Have our law firm determine liability in your situation. Since these costs can run into the tens of thousands of dollars for just one case, a personal injury law firm must have the financial resources and stability to cover them. Our law firm understands that personal injury accidents can be traumatizing. This can be tricky since injuries don’t always appear right away, especially in cases involving concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI), and insurance companies like to downplay minor injuries even before medical professionals have had a chance to weigh in. At Bonilla Law Firm, our Austin car accident lawyers handle accident cases caused by several different causes. See examples of cases won. From Fast and Furious, Solyndra,BenGazi, V.A., see the complete list HERE What the honorable congressman want is a “National Standard on Police” to avoid another Ferguson. You don’t want to be anywhere nearby if and when that happens. Data was gen er ated by GSA ​Content  Ge nerato r DEMO!

In addition, if Aponte did actually represent both Diaz and Collado/Adames as he claimed, he was required to advise Diaz of Collado/Adames prior conviction for crimes specifically relating to the type of charges she now faced as a result of the Federal investigation. With the arrest and conviction of former Mayor Eddie Perez, an opening was created on the Hartford City Council when Pedro Segarra left the Council to assume the role of Mayor. Only time will tell if Pedro Segarra has leadership qualities or is he easily squashed and silenced. This time though both him and his wife needed what they referred to as a “straw buyer” to operate under the radar and still be able to accept food stamps at their bodega located at 194 Mather Street. First off is the application to the USDA to accept food stamps which purports to be filed by Father Galasso. The only problem with that which makes me suspicious is that Father Galasso’s name is misspelled on the application. If I were a betting person I would bet that the application was a forgery.

The “straw buyer”, Maribel Diaz apparently went along with the plan after she was told that the store was actually owned by a Catholic Priest, Father Michael Galasso. According to investigative reports and documents, Diaz claimed that Collado told her that they could not put the store in his wife’s name because they had a daughter who had a heart transplant and she was receiving government benefits. Although Aponte claimed to represent “Mr. Michael Galazo” in a letter dated November 29, 2004 to the USDA as a result of their investigation into the food stamp fraud. It is unknown if Father Galasso and Aponte did actually have an attorney/client relationship and no documentation was available in the Grievance Committee’s investigation showing that Galasso had actually retained Aponte as his attorney . On November 11, 2005 Aponte sent a letter to the USDA claiming to represent Maribel Diaz and appeared to be attempting to gather information regarding the Federal Investigation. Diaz’s attorney, Stefan J. Stolarz, sent a letter to Aponte on May 5, 2009 attempting to confirm his attempt to clarify the relationship between Aponte and Diaz.

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That finding was reached on November 23, 2009 and numerous continuances on the part of Aponte and his attorney dragged the eventual grievance hearing before a Superior Court Judge for over a year. During September of 2009 both Diaz. Diaz became suspicious of the operation when she noticed the large dollar amounts moving through the checking account that Collado had opened in her name for the business. Aponte carries the misspelling of Father Galasso’s name through on his letter to the USDA referring to him as Mr. Michael Galazo. For those not familiar with the name David Medina, here is a quick education. And finally, for his role in the whole matter, David Medina has been “reprimanded” according to McDonald. The final straw though in the derailment of Kishimoto’s appointment wasn’t Segarra or McDonald. Or was it Board President David McDonald proving that he doesn’t have a spine by knuckling under to Segarra’s demands? It shouldn’t be too hard to convince a Judge that David Medina’s actions were inappropriate or Precious Ross-Ellis or Millie Arciniegas. If it is not already being done, the Corporation Counsel should be drafting paperwork to take before a Superior Court Judge first thing tomorrow morning.


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