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Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Lawyers & Solicitors - Level 21 380 Latrobe St - Melbourne The question I consider in this article is whether income is a major factor in the decision to obtain the assistance of a qualified legal professional. The civilizing mission also figured directly in legal documents. Note any damage to your car and your personal possessions, as well as any aches and pains you may feel. In part 5, we consider how the LOR system may be reformed. Your attorney can then sit down with you and explain how Florida’s PIP system works and how they will approach your own insurance company and the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. What happened to the “Rule of Law”, our judicial system is based on the premise that “Better 10 guilty men go free rather than 1 innocent man is locked up.” This totally sets that premise aside and will make the court system a kangaroo court where it is no longer the rule of law, but the Rule of the Mob and the mob will be whoever is the flavor of the month is. But I wanna run wild and free over here and still command all the authority of my profession! Meanwhile, if you don’t live in one of those places and/or you don’t want to dissemble about why you want to use marijuana, you’ll have to wait longer for the pleasures you assumed would have to be legalized as soon as the people who were young in the 1960s got old enough to fully infiltrate the government. This a rt icle has ᠎been g enerated  wi th GSA C on tent Generat​or D᠎em oversion!

I Was in a Car Accident: Do I Need a Lawyer? One theme in the comments to that post is: Why the hell did the guy further humiliate himself by telling his story to the New York Times and letting them take his picture? Many readers already view The Post with suspicion and believe that the personal views of its reporters and editors influence the coverage. His ability to ignore that (and the Post’s continuing ability to toy with the possibility that he didn’t express an opinion) could be construed as believing that we readers are naive and dumb. On Byrd, his comments could be construed as favoring term limits or mandatory retirement for aging lawmakers. “Sen Byrd (91) in hospital after he falls from ‘standing up too quickly.” How about term limits. As one of two managing editors, he’s responsible for The Post’s features content and oversees its Web site. In line with the Tribunal’s legally binding decision, the PRC has no lawful territorial or maritime claim to Mischief Reef or Second Thomas Shoal, both of which fall fully under the Philippines’ sovereign rights and jurisdiction, nor does Beijing have any territorial or maritime claims generated from these features.

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It took too long for Veterans to receive a decision on their claim. Any of the imputations covered by Article 353 is defamatory; and, under the general rule laid down in Article 354, “every defamatory imputation is presumed to be malicious, even if it be true, if no good intention and justifiable motive for making it is shown”. What you do on social networks should be presumed to be publicly available to anyone, even if you have created a private account. Narisetti said today he now realizes that his tweets, although intended for a private audience of about 90 friends and associates, were unwise. Ah, but now Narisetti has folded his wings and supports the new guidelines. We never abandon the guidelines that govern the separation of news from opinion, the importance of fact and objectivity, the appropriate use of language and tone, and other hallmarks of our brand of journalism. When using these networks, nothing we do must call into question the impartiality of our news judgment.

In today’s hyper-sensitive political environment, Narisetti’s tweets could be seen as one of The Post’s top editors taking sides on the question of whether a health-care reform plan must be budget neutral. The web, for all it’s wild, casual fun must be taken seriously. It seems that she’s chosen the memoir form, despite the mismatch between her personal story and the message she wants to convey, because there’s a good market for books like this. I think it’s that the transparent revelation of personal opinion would allow us to see that the editors all or almost all slant in the same political direction, and that’s something the newspaper would like to hide. If gulling us into thinking the paper is written by neutral editors is a journalistic principle, it’s not one I care about. I’m guessing that the real problem is not that we learn that the editors are real people with their own ideas and that they are not neutral to the bone.


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