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He continued his stint as a Tarheel and attended law school in Chapel Hill, graduating in 1987.After law school, Bill worked in the insurance business as a broker for two years in Burlington, North Carolina. It also shows that vehicle accidents are the leading caused for dying of individuals 34 years of age and below. Accidents frequently result in complicated insurance issues. Even while dealing with the insurance companies for claim, you will be at an advantage if an attorney advocates for you. When you call, our attorneys will review your case, explain your rights, and answer any questions that you might have. BUND, there are some fun theme answer possibilities for that one, but it had been done before. Plus Ben Bernanke retired so that answer would have been outdated. Bon Scott died when I was a sophomore in high school, and I’ve always been an AC/DC fan, so once I figured out that ACDC SINGER SCOTT had 15 letters, it was pretty much a done deal that I would go the route of using BAN BEN BIN BON BUN as the clues. I tend to be a fairly good editor/organizer, and by involving my group of friends, some rather high quality clues emerge.

snow city road people Based on a review of my notes, e-mail correspondence, and computer files, it seems that the heavy lifting on this puzzle occurred over an intense week-long flurry of activity in mid-July of 2014, involving at least a dozen distinct drafts. Tricky to deal with tons of entries that intersect at least two theme entries, yet this 74-worder is very smooth. Usually I’m very careful and spend a long time selecting fun long down entries to intersect my theme answers. From the time you meet with one of our Thornton personal injury attorneys, you will see how Dormer Harpring is different from other firms. An early concern was CERO and ESTO, both short foreign words, adjacent to each other in the grid, but this was settled (see next paragraph) by creative cluing. Very few things in life compare to the thrill of seeing one’s name spelled out inside a crossword grid, so I think that I’ve been able to make any number of family members, friends, colleagues, and casual acquaintances quite happy. He is one of the very few constructors who can make both easy Mondays and tough Saturdays.

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Bruce Venzke did one in 2010, and Mark Bickham did one in 2011, but I don’t know if anyone else has done one since those two. In the month of July 1835, two adventurers, Samuel Resique and John Noble, left Chicago on an expedition to make claims in advantageous locations, with the view of selling them on speculation. Then, once we heard back from Rich Norris, we still had to make some small fixes to the grid to meet his exacting standards. When I got serious about crossword construction about a decade or more ago, my A-list collaborators handled grid design and filling, and we jury-rigged spreadsheet software like Excel. Far be it for me to give away all our tricks, but suffice it to say that the puzzle you are seeing today is the second one to appear in the mainstream media (the other appeared in the New York Times on September 27, 2014), while more are in the queue or have already appeared on my Barany and Friends website. This da​ta has ᠎been gen​erated with the he lp of G SA C​on​tent᠎ G᠎enerator DEMO.

Today marks George’s LA Times debut. It’s an honor to be making my Los Angeles Times crossword construction debut in collaboration with one of my cruciverbal heroes, Martin Ashwood-Smith. He has been published by The New York Times & The Wall Street Journal. I was born in Hungary into a family of scientists, grew up in New York City, and have been a member of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Department of Chemistry faculty since 1980. More about me personally and professionally, as well as about my family, can be found here (directly, and following further links). I try to have 4 or more down entries of length 8 or more. Is there any reason why all your theme entries have 15-letters? I liked that the puzzle only has 74 entries instead of the max 78. It just kind of worked. I came to Hartford as a boy and lived and worked in virtually every neighborhood, where people provided me with gifts of hope and opportunity.


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