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Lawyers may ask you about all of the facts you remember leading up the injury. This list isn’t all-inclusive many personal injury suits have been raised based on different factors that aren’t included above. With respect to tourism projects wholly owned or controlled by Philippine nationals, the above prescribed minimum investment in tourism projects within an ECOZONE shall not apply. SECTION 3. Transfer of Leasehold Rights – All leasehold rights acquired under long term lease contracts in accordance with this Rule and the Act may be sold, transferred, assigned or conveyed: Provided, That if the transferee or assignee is a Filipino citizen or an enterprise wholly owned by Filipino citizens, the limitations contained in Section 1 hereof with respect to the maximum period of lease shall not apply: Provided, finally, That the transferee or assignee shall be a registered ECOZONE enterprise or possesses all the qualifications and none of the disqualifications to be eligible for registration as an ECOZONE enterprise to be determined by the PEZA. SECTION 4. Transfer of Merchandise – Domestic merchandise on which all internal revenue taxes have been paid if subject thereto, and foreign merchandise on which duty or tax has been paid, or which have been admitted free of duty and tax, may be taken into restricted areas of the ECOZONES from the customs territory of the Philippines and brought back thereto free of quota, duty or tax: Provided, however, That said merchandise shall be preserved its identity at the time of transfer from the ECOZONE to the customs territory. This artic le w as writt​en by G SA Conte᠎nt Generat or D​em oversion.

Back Of A Grey Sports Car With Red Detail There was no May 17, 2016 · If the inspection shows that safety and anti-pollution requirements have not been met or that there have been deviations from the approved plans and plant layout, the PEZA may withhold the grant of the occupancy permit or the permit to operate electro-mechanical equipment and machineries until the necessary adjustments shall have been made within a reasonable period of time as determined by the PEZA. SECTION 6. Temporary Permit to Operate – If the deficiencies noted during the inspection do not endanger life and property, a temporary permit to start operation may be granted: Provided, That the PEZA shall furnish the ECOZONE enterprise with a detailed listing of the improvements required and shall set a deadline for the ECOZONE enterprise to carry-out such improvements: Provided further, That the ECOZONE enterprise shall report to the PEZA within the prescribed deadline the results of adjustments made and shall request the PEZA to re-inspect the plant for final approval. Additional areas for future or intended expansion may also be leased upon satisfactory showing of the viability of the proposed expansion.

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SECTION 1. General Criteria – All areas initially identified under Section 5 of the Act as the sites of the ECOZONES and other areas where ECOZONES may be established shall conform to the following general criteria to ensure their viability and geographic dispersal. However, in appropriate cases as may be determined by the Board, the ECOZONE management or the duly authorized offices of the PEZA shall be empowered to issue business permits and / or licenses to ECOZONE Enterprises in lieu of the Certificate of Registration after the proper evaluation of their application in accordance with the set of criteria duly approved by the Board and upon payment of the corresponding fees. SECTION 1. Permits – No building, structure, facility, utility, and electro-mechanical equipment shall be constructed and installed and no improvement thereon within an ECOZONE or any other area owned, administered or operated by the PEZA shall be made without the prior written approval or permit issued by the PEZA. Thereafter, it shall commence construction and / or installation of equipment within thirty (30) days from approval or issuance of the necessary permits unless a different period is granted by the PEZA.

In the implementation of the periodic inspection of plants within the ECOZONES, the PEZA shall impose inspection fees on installations of different machineries, equipment and devices and shall issue a permit to operate and a certificate of inspection. The ECOZONE enterprise shall pay to the PEZA all the corresponding fees and dues related to the issuance of the permit as specified in the National Building Code and its implementing rules as well as those contained in such other rules as the PEZA may adopt. All fees and dues collected shall accrue to the PEZA. SECTION 4. Filing of Application – The application shall be filed with the PEZA upon payment of the corresponding filing fee. Freedom from Expropriation – These shall be no expropriation by the government of the property represented by investments or of the property of the enterprise except for public use or in the interest of national welfare or defense and upon payment of just compensation. The area leased shall be used exclusively for the purpose of investments as approved by the PEZA and other government agencies, if applicable. All government agencies involved shall assign their respective representatives in the ECOZONE for this purpose. SECTION 4. Use of Structures / Roads – If the use of any structure or road inside the ECOZONE or the excavation of the same is required by an ECOZONE registered enterprise to meet its building construction requirements, an application for such purpose must first be submitted to PEZA.


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